Photo by Steve Browell

Photo by Steve Browell

Hi, Iā€™m Michael, a sound designer currently working as a studio assistant at a commercial post house in London, and looking to expand and apply my skills in interactive audio.

My journey in sound was sparked by my love of music as a teenager, which led me to take a two year course in sound engineering at Cape Audio College in South Africa. It was there that I was introduced to the world of post production when we were assigned to replace all the sound for a Halo Wars cinematic.

After college I worked in a variety of fields to try and broaden my skills and eventually settled in a post production studio doing re-versioning of foreign films for three years. Feeling that I had learned what I could from that, I decided to work as a freelancer where I got the chance to work as a sound editor on local television shows and some international feature films.

After a year of freelancing I decided to see what I could make of myself in the UK, where the scope of opportunity in audio is much bigger and have been there for almost two years.

In my down time I love recording interesting sounds for my library, playing video games, lifting weights at my local gym and getting out and watching bands as much as I can.